Ep 50: Dr Peter Dommett – an Incredible Story Farming & Transforming Ecosystems

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On today’s show, I’m joined by Dr Pete Dommett. Pete graduated from the Onderstepoort school of veterinary medicine in South Africa.

A born adventurer with a lust for life, he now lives in Scotland managing an organic farm, literally ploughing a new furrow for ethical food production, and a move away from unsustainable monoculture farm practice. Something he firmly believes is detrimental to animal welfare, the planet and even the survival of the human race.

Peter’s convictions derive in no small way from a life lived to the full. Highlights include an entirely harrowing and tragic yachting trip in the wild southern ocean, the rehabilitation and transformation of Waterford Farm a beautiful, non-mechanised cattle farm. Located high in the Drakensberg mountains, his efforts were initially written off as impossible, yet he grafted, innovated and ultimately proved his values-led model of farming worked. One where animals, people and ecosystems work in harmony.

Each remarkable step of these chapters of his life proceeding with a captivating mix of blood, sweat, laughter and tears. His is a story of one man’s journey into the unknown which I’ll warn you now, will frequently leave your jaw on the floor.

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Now back to the show, Unlike many of my guests, Pete is not well known, he does not have a CV crammed full of diplomas and he’s not yet published any books, nor, to my knowledge, won any glittering prizes. But his life experience inventory column is stacked in a way that few can rival and that, combined with his willingness to take on the issues many avoid making him one of my favourite guests ever. Sit back and strap in, no seriously STRAP IN and enjoy this conversation with Dr Peter Dommett.

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