Ep 04: Imagineering the Future – with Dr Peter Weinstein

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Welcome to the Veterinary Business Success Show with me Dr Dave Nicol. In each episode we’ll be exploring ideas and subjects that can be used to manage your veterinary practice better.

On today’s episode, I’m joined by co-author of the e-myth veterinarian Dr Peter Weinstein.

Peter is one of the most respected leaders in the profession. He’s a veterinarian, a former practice owner and is the executive director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. Leadership and systems are his thing – which I was keen to talk to him about because it feels like we are at a pivotal moment in the veterinary profession. For years we’ve tried to be all things to all people a strategy borne out of a fear of missing out or being litigated against.

But is this strategy at the heart of our struggles? Is it the failure to be more intentional about who we are and who we serve that has brought us to the point where a pandemic of burnout is ravaging the workforce? And if so, what can we do to course-correct?

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Now, are people the major pain-point in your practice? If so you are not alone, over 90% of managers report staff problems to be their number one issue.

At the root of this problem are usually three dysfunctions: A poorly articulated vision, toxic culture or some form of leadership breakdown.

If this sounds familiar then do not despair. Help is at hand. I encourage you to check out Leaders a veterinary-specific Leadership training program where you will learn how to create and execute on a shared vision, how to hire well and build a powerful high-performance practice culture without the drama. The class is accredited, delivered online, and open for applications now.

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