VetX:Leaders delivers complete leadership training to practice owners and team leaders across the world. Using our online training, advanced toolkits and live weekly group coaching you will develop the skills and systems needed to build your high performance team and practice culture.  This is veterinary leadership training like no other.

Members receive full access to everything required to build and run their own successful veterinary team.

12 online training modules.

Toolkits and templates to ensure results.

Weekly group coaching for accountability.

Is this you?

Have you recently been promoted to a leadership role and are struggling with how to make it work?

Our Veterinary Leadership Program in Detail

As a member of the Leaders community, you will benefit from instruction and coaching to help you implement the three crucial systems required for effective team leadership.


Your hiring process

– you can have the best strategy and equipment, but if you hire the wrong people then you are in for a rough ride. You’ll learn how to hire effectively, even in a market where candidates seem hard to find.


Your performance management process

– really this should be called your execution or “get sh*t done” process! Execution is how dreams, strategy and tactics get become reality. Good execution is hard to do however and requires an interlinked system that makes it clear what needs to be done, how and when. You’ll learn this system.


Your leadership toolkit

– our final module is where you will learn the actions and behaviours needed of you and all of your team leaders in order to build a just, high performing culture.

When you combine these elements and do the work, your practice will inevitably transform for the better. As you build these systems and grow your leadership skillset, your practice and all of its people will flourish.

What you actually get?

Full access to the entire program and community for a low monthly fee.


Values & Behaviour statements

Successful practices understand values and how they drive behaviour. They can articulate these and use them to drive good behaviours and outcomes. You’ll learn how and create your own in this module.


Objectives & Measures

Most individuals do not have a clear expectation of what work they are expected to complete and to what standard. This is remedied by having clearing written objectives for each position. You’ll learn how to do this and create your own.


Triple loop leadership and feedback

Next, we cover the performance management cycle, what it looks like, what actions you must take and when. Based on clear communication, regular check-in and good feedback, this system takes all the stress out of performance management.


Handling Difficult Employees

Understanding human needs and communication preferences is essential for all leaders. Once we understand more about how people work, managing them (even the diffcult ones) gets easier.


The personal profile (aka avatar)

Mistake number one is not creating the avatar of your perfect team member for each role. In this engaging session we’ll talk about how to build your avatars then use the details to inform the rest of the hiring process.


Writing and using job adverts

How do you write a good job advert that gets results? We answer this question during this session and will have you writing job ads that help attract the right applicant while putting off all the others.


The selection process

Using testing is a smart way to rule candidates in or out fairly. And most people have no idea how to perform an effective interview. In this session, you’ll learn how to create selection test processes and perform highly effective interviews.


Onboarding For Success

When you hire someone, the job is not done. In fact, it’s just getting started because you still have to get them up to speed fast. In this session, we focus on onboarding new team members, so they become effective fast.


Ten Principles For Leadership Success

Leaders need a toolkit for success. In this presentation, we’ll focus on what those are and how you should use them.


Managing Millennials

Massive generational shift is occurring and it’s causing problems in the workforce. Understanding and overcoming these problems is essential for anyone building a team. Learn the communication tools and strategies to help you lead millennials.


Time Management Mastery

Time management is something we all struggle with, some of this is unavoidable, but much of it comes down to having poor habits and strategies to manage time. In this eye-opening session, you’ll learn how to create 500 quality hours extra each year with some minimal habit changes.


Positivity, Beating F.E.A.R. & Avoiding Burnout

We talk about this a lot for our clinical team members, but team leaders arguably have it worse, with less support. So how do we toughen our minds so we can show up as the best version of ourselves each day? We’ll formulate your mental toughness plan in this session.


Group Coaching Calls


Live Webinars

Who is your instructor?

Your VetX Leadership Course instructor is management and leadership expert, multi-time practice owner, author and coach to many of the veterinary world’s CEOs and Leaders, Dr Dave Nicol, 

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Dr Dave Nicol


Dr Dave Nicol is a performance management and leadership expert. He has written three books, most recently So You’re A Vet…Now What? Dr Dave is the founder of VetX:Leaders & VetX:Thrive, online learning communities helping vets and leaders be both successful and happy in practice.

He is a recognised expert in the field of leadership and performance management with a track record of delivering growth in every practice he has ever worked or owned.

He speaks at conferences around the world and coaches senior team leaders and executives how to create high performing teams and become the leaders their teams deserve. He was the VMX 2019 practice management educator of the year.

Real Testimonials From Our

I want to shout out a big thanks, yesterday I received not one but two resumes from technicians with at four-plus years of experience. Both were working at other clinics here in town. Very excited.

Dr R. Carlson
Vet, USA

“This is a challenging and intense course which has so far been outstanding and helpful from the very start. It has not been easy nor in any way reiteration of the same old stuff. I feel it has been well worth my time and energy so far and have every trust that the remainder of the course will be as well. “

Dr C. Haugo Vet, USA

“This course is definitely challenging for me. It’s forcing me to thoughtfully articulate concepts when I would much rather have smart ass replies cause, well, that’s just more fun!. So…..so far, I think the course is great.”

Dr R. Turmel
Vet, Canada


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