Does Your Veterinary Practice Have An “Us vs Them” Culture?

Does it feel like there’s a “Mexican standoff” in your veterinary clinic between management and clinical staff? The us vs them mindset pervades many veterinary practice cultures and is extremely detrimental to team effectiveness. This surely is the opposite of team harmony in a veterinary clinic.

Learn from VetX Thrive Australia mentor Dr Shibly Mustapha about how this happens, why it’s bad and how you can work effectively to solve this problem and create team harmony for the benefit of each other and your patients.

Dr Shibly gets real on one toxic aspect of veterinary practice culture and how this can be resolved to create team harmony in the veterinary clinic

This article was written by Dr Shibly Mustapha. Dr Shibly is a small animal clinician and independent practice owner based in Brisbane, Australia. He is the VetX:Thrive community Australian mentor.

For more information on achieving a healthy practice culture, join us in our VetX Leaders program. You’ll be welcomed into a community of people like you and receive guidance on how to effectively and positively lead your team.

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