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All requests, all day: How to Generate Request Appointments

VetX International - November 21, 2020

Guest blog by Dr Samyra Stuart-Altman @samyra.jamie | InkNaturally I often joke that some of my Small Animal Medicine…

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How to Tackle the Generational Divide in Your Veterinary Practice

VetX International - October 15, 2020

“Millennials are driving me mad...they expect instant results, have incredibly high expectations, want to work flexibly…

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Guest Blog: Defensive Medicine – A Symptom of Fear

VetX International - October 3, 2020

By Dr Sarah Keir, ‘Sarah the Vet’ | @sarah.thevet I feel that one of the reasons…

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IN THE NEWS: New Voluntary Code in UK Aims to Improve Workplace Culture

VetX International - September 29, 2020

The BVA has recently created a new voluntary code which encourages practice owners and teams to…

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Notes on Integrity and Client Communication

VetX International - September 21, 2020

The entwined relationship humans and animals share is fascinating. Currently, researchers are investigating the workings of…

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The Bouncing Ball Effect: Have you Fallen Victim?

VetX International - September 17, 2020

Bouncing Ball Effect? No, you haven’t lost your marbles; this is a real issue in the…

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How Do I Respond To Questions When I Don’t Know The Answer?

VetX International - December 6, 2019

By Dr  Dave Nicol Recently, a veterinary practice receptionist in Ohio wanted to know what employees…

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A Brief Manifesto For Happy Team Relations

VetX International - October 20, 2019

I like questions. And good questions deserve answers, plus they often lead to fascinating conversations. So,…

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