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Confused Vet Doctor

Never Feel Guilty About A Normal Test Result

VetX International - January 15, 2020

By Dr Dave Nicol What do you do when you don’t quite know what to do?…

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Beating Wage Stagnation As A New Veterinarian

VetX International - December 16, 2019

By Dr Dave Nicol Let’s talk about the issue of wage stagnation in the veterinary profession.…

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How Do I Respond To Questions When I Don’t Know The Answer?

VetX International - December 6, 2019

By Dr  Dave NicolRecently, a veterinary practice receptionist in Ohio wanted to know what employees like…

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How Vets Can Build Their Happy Healthy Career in 2020

VetX International - November 28, 2019

People are hating their career in veterinary medicine. Well, at least that's what a lot of…

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Does Your Veterinary Practice Have An “Us vs Them” Culture?

VetX International - November 22, 2019

Does it feel like there's a "Mexican standoff" in your veterinary clinic between management and clinical…

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Dr Zach learning to climb

What Falling Off A Wall Taught Me About Growing A Veterinary Career

VetX International - October 20, 2019

I recently took up Rock Climbing and want to share with you what has happened since.…

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Time Management Is Your Career Lifeline

VetX International - September 19, 2019

One of the factors that contributes to stress and ultimately burnout, is having too much to…

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