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Weekly Veterinary News In Review

weekly veterinary news

Weekly Veterinary News Roundup: ‘Strong Client Relations Key to Improving Veterinary Care’

VetX International - April 15, 2021

Catch up on this week’s top headlines with the weekly veterinary news roundup, presented by VetX…

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Career & Practice Life

Veterinary specialties

Veterinary Specialties: How to Choose the Right One For You

VetX International - April 12, 2021

To specialize or not to specialize, that is the question. Veterinary specialists (veterinarians who have obtained…

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Is being a vet stressful?

Is Being a Vet Stressful? – How to Manage Work-Related Stress

VetX International - April 6, 2021

‘Is being a vet stressful?’ This is a question many prospective professionals ask before embarking on…

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is being a vet worth it?

Is Being a Vet Worth it? A Veterinary Graduate Answers All Your Questions

VetX International - April 3, 2021

Whilst veterinary care can be highly rewarding and gratifying, it can equally be as stressful as…

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Leadership & Culture

Emotions in leadership

Showing Emotions in Leadership: A Discussion With Dr Sarah Keir

VetX International - April 10, 2021

In this week's guest blog, Dr Sarah Keir, a small animal veterinarian based in the UK,…

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Veterinary Practice Manager

The Three Skills Every Veterinary Practice Manager Needs

VetX International - March 31, 2021

Becoming a practice manager can be a big transition for any veterinary professional.  The role requires…

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veterinary trends

2021 Veterinary Trends: How The Pandemic Has Affected Practice Life

VetX International - March 24, 2021

Although many people are sick of hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic, it has undoubtedly been one…

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High Performance Teams

ways to improve your veterinary practice without firing

Don’t Hit Eject Too Soon! Ways to Improve Your Veterinary Clinic Without Firing Anyone

VetX International - April 14, 2021

Taking on the management or ownership of a practice and/or team can be an enormous task. …

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veterinary clinic efficiency

Veterinary Clinic Efficiency: Work Smarter, Not Harder

VetX International - April 7, 2021

With the COVID induced surge in veterinary demand pushing practices to the brink, it is somewhat…

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veterinary practice business plan

How to Create a Veterinary Practice Business Plan

VetX International - March 10, 2021

A well-thought out business plan is essential for any veterinarian running or looking to run a…

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Recruitment & Hiring

star trek leadership lessons

Star Trek Leadership Lessons- With Guest Writer Mike Falconer

VetX International - April 18, 2021

Leadership lessons can be found everywhere. Even in less than obvious places... like Star Trek. At…

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weekly veterinary news

Weekly Veterinary News Roundup: ‘A Year of Covid-19: How the Veterinary Profession Has Adapted’

VetX International - March 12, 2021

Catch up on this week’s top headlines with the weekly veterinary news roundup, presented by VetX…

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Hiring mistakes veterinary practices make

The 3 Top Hiring Mistakes Veterinary Practices Make

VetX International - February 18, 2021

Hiring can be a real headache.  With veterinarian employment projected to grow by 16 per cent…

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