What does VetX do?

VetX International exists to help humans get along so workplaces thrive. We are a innovation and technology led business committed to improving the lives of everyone in the global veterinary medicine family. The first part of our mission is all about teaching people the skills needed to thrive in their roles. For vets this means non-clinical skills and for practice management, this means leadership skills.

To this end, we have developed a career management course for clinical staff (VetX:Thrive) and a leadership course and system for practice managers/owners (VetX:Leaders).

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe three things about veterinary practice teams. Firstly, that they do some of the most valuable work on this planet that matters to the people they serve.  Secondly, that the work is incredibly tough, but hugely rewarding and fun if you learn the right skills and work with great people. Which leads us to the third belief, that with the right training, role and team fit – everyone can be successful and happy in veterinary medicine.

We help make this a reality by creating and freely sharing impactful content, offering accredited education, career support and building a global community that is affordable, enjoyable, inspiring and transformative. You’ll find us ready to help you from your senior years at university, right through to running your own practice. We are VetX and we exist to help you to make your mark, heal animals, build your career path and have the career in veterinary medicine you always dreamed of.

VetX was created by Dr Dave Nicol as a way of helping vets and managers work more effectively together by ensuring everyone has cost effective access to non-clinical and leadership skills training and mentors, wherever they are on the planet.

Our Team

Dr Dave Nicol

Founder & CEO

Dr Dave Nicol is a veterinarian with more than 20 years of experience in general practice and has held several leadership roles within practice and industry. He has written three books, most recently the best-selling, So You’re A Vet…Now What? – a manifesto on how to survive as a veterinarian after graduation.

Dr Dave is the host of the Freewheelin’ and  Blunt Dissection podcasts – two of the most popular podcasts for vets (which combined have been played more than 150,000 times).

Dr Dave founded VetX to help vets connect with their career and help practice owners create fantastic practices for the vets to work in.

He travels is invited to conference all over the world to speak about his favourite topics of training, leadership and generally cheerleading for the veterinary profession. In 2019 he was voted VMX Practice Manager Speaker of the Year.

dr shibly mustapha

Dr Shibly Mustapha

VetX Australia - Pacific Mentor

Shibly is Australian-born but grew up in South Africa on farmland with his family and two dogs (a German Shepherd and a Pug). He qualified as a vet from the University of Queensland and has travelled extensively working as a vet in Africa, Europe and most recently in Australia where he owns a small group practice in Brisbane.

Shibly is incredibly passionate about caring for pets, clients and vets and has been the Australian timezone mentor since 2017. He is a professional coach for other practice owners as well as the VetX community so we are incredibly fortunate to have his skills available to help our community.

Dr Steve Noonan

Dr Steve Noonan

VetX USA-Canada Mentor

Steve graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1983 and by 1986 he owned three veterinary clinics.

Though business grew fast, life got tough and with interest rates exceeding 20% per annum Steve very quickly learned how little he knew about business. Thus began an almost 30-year practice management learning odyssey which culminated in the formation of a 12 hospital partnership and the directorship of an ultramodern 15,000 square foot hospital. He also started the Metro Halifax Emergency Hospital, one of the first emergency clinics in Canada.

More recently, Steve has explored new areas and has dramatically diversified his attention which is now split between part-time clinical work (which he still loves), coaching and mentoring his younger peers and building an entirely new venture, Lochland Botanicals, a herb farm and wellness retreat near Toronto, serving up remedies, teas, flowers, yoga, mindfulness classes and some of the best photos on Instagram!

Dr Katie Ford

Dr Katie Ford

VetX UK-EU Mentor

Katie is an experienced Veterinary Surgeon, working in small animal practice since graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2012. She gained her CertAVP(SAM) in 2016.

Externally, she was a huge success, but internally, her life was not sunshine and rainbows. She had a dark few years, despite all the achievements on paper; she was one of the youngest ever to pass the CertAVP synoptic exam and loved by clients, but the voice inside her head was telling her that she was a fraud. She was at the mercy of her perfectionist imposter brain, nothing ever being good enough and drove herself to despair.

With the power of mindset, consciousness and an understanding of the internal workings of her brain, Katie turned her life around. She has trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Broadband Consciousness and also completed programmes under the father of personal development himself, Bob Proctor of the Proctor-Gallagher Institute.

Katie is passionate about positivity in practice, awesome workplace culture and career fulfilment. She currently practices as a locum veterinary surgeon across the North West, finding joy in meeting and influencing her colleagues.

Alfred Atkins

Alfred Atkins BA

VetX Community Manager

Alfred is the VetX community manager and business assistant. He holds a degree in music from BIMM in Brighton, England. His role is super varied and he has many responsibilities including social media production and management, ensuring the VetX members are happy and the utterly odious task of keeping Dr Dave’s diary under control.

Alfred is your first port of call for questions and enquiries about any of the services that VetX provide.

In his spare time,  Alfred writes and performs his own music on the Brighton music scene and plays football – he shouts for the famous Italian football giant AC Milan due to old family ties.

Rahul Rao

Web Design & Developer

Rahul is a multi-disciplinary creative from India, currently, part of the VetX international team, he is responsible for designing and building the VetX digital project space.

Rahul is proficient in branding, graphic design, illustration and film making and has worked alongside Dr Dave’s other projects for over four years.

When he’s not geeking out on technology or design he enjoys a good cup of coffee, watching movies & tv shows, playing video-games and do anything related to film making.

“Always create. Art. Food. Whatever. Enjoy the beauty of it.”

Annabelle Stephenson BA.

Wordsmith & SEO Expert

Annabelle is the VetX Copywriter/Digital Marketing Assistant, contributing to the word-smithery of the VetX website, blog posts and beyond. She holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Sussex and has recently completed a Master’s in Paris. Annabelle strongly believes in the power of the word and is committed to bringing engaging, relevant and insightful content to the VetX community.

If she is not engrossed in a book, you can find her exploring an art gallery, getting her daily dose of caffeine in a local café, or cradling her incredibly anxious cat.

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